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PC GREEN TRADING CORPORATION is the most reliable company for LAPTOP, DESKTOP, MONITOR, and all computer parts of wholesale and retail in the Philippines. We provide outstanding customer service and value for customers' time and money. Also PC GREEN is concern in our environment. Let's make our Earth Green with the re-use and recycling of products.

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PHILCORYOU(PCGREEN) Trading Corporation builds our name in the business world as the most reliable computer supplier in the Philippines. It has more than 95 employees  including office staffs, sales clerks and technicians. PHILCORYOU(PCGREEN) Trading Corporation has registered ”PCGREEN” brand name at IPO (Intellectual Property Office Bureau Of Trademarks Philippines). It is understand that Philcoryou (PC GREEN) Trading Corporation has been fully responsible on products' quality control and customers service under it's brand name "PC GREEN". Furthermore, Philcoryou (PC GREEN) Trading Corporation is in branch-network operation in/outside Metro Manila and selected area in Luzon.

This is in line with our utmost commitment to reach out to our far-flung customers old and new. By building a business based on the long standing relationships with satisfied clients, we will simultaneously build defenses against competition. The longer the relationship stands, the more we help our clients understand what we offer them and why they need it. PHILCORYOU(PCGREEN) Trading Corporation provides Genuine Windows Operating software service to protect intellectual properties. The company is always against Piracy. We are campaigning for protecting copyright and it aims to ensure creators continue to be fairly compensated for the value of the copyright.